Self Tapping Screws, Machine Screws

Self Tapping Screws, Machine Screws.

RKC is one of the best Self Tapping Screws and Machine Screws suppliers and manufacturers in Delhi.

Established in 1976, RKC is one of Delhi's top importers/exporters and industrial fasteners suppliers. With 35 years of experience in the fastener business in Delhi, Rajender Kumar & Company offers the highest quality fasteners and spreads its metalworking processing expertise.
To improve its production processes and quality standards, the company has always focused on widening and renovating its machine fleet and has invested in advanced technology. Though oriented towards a continuous evolution, Rajender Kumar & Company always maintains its artisan spirit to keep up with the times, which allows it to guarantee a personal approach to each customer's problems.

Self Tapping Screws

Self-tapping screws are used with metals, cast or forged materials such as iron, aluminum, brass, or bronze, and a variety of plastics such as plywood, fiberglass, and polycarbonates.

Our self tapping screws are available in the following specifications:

  • Slotted & Phillips Head, Cheese Head, Pan Head
  • Stainless steel & MS

RKC, a prominent player in the industry, stands out as the leading Self Tapping Screws / Machine Screws manufacturer in Delhi, dedicated to delivering unmatched quality. Renowned as a reliable Self Tapping Screws / Machine Screws supplier in Delhi, RKC ensures precision and excellence in every product. The company's commitment to innovation and durability has solidified its position among the top Self Tapping Screws / Machine Screws, Delhi. As trusted Self Tapping Screws / Machine Screws suppliers Delhi, RKC caters to diverse industrial needs, setting industry benchmarks for quality and reliability. Clients prefer RKC as their go-to source for Self Tapping Screws / Machine Screws Delhi, recognizing the brand's commitment to excellence.

Machine Screws

In addition, the specifications of wood screws are:

Machine Screws are usually used to keep metal panels together and are also used in engines, automobile assembly, and electrical components and equipment.

  • Slotted & Phillips Head & stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel & MSs

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